Auto Insurance in Colorado

While one of the reasons why most Colorado motorists invest in car insurance is to comply with the law, auto insurance is a lot cooler than that. Car insurance from Davidson Insurance Agency can protect your finances when you least expect it.

Want to learn more about car insurance? Please keep reading. You will acquaint yourself with different car insurance policies to help you choose the options suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

Required car insurance in Colorado

You must purchase auto insurance if you want to drive your car legally on Colorado roads. The law requires all motorists to purchase bodily injury and property damage liability whenever they are on the streets. Failure to buy the required car insurance exposes you to numerous fines and penalties.

Plus, you must pay for the damages and losses of the accident if you are the one at fault! Is it worth it? Purchase affordable auto insurance from Davidson Insurance Agency, and you don’t have to worry about fines, penalties, and third-party damages.

Car insurance coverage options

Are you heading to the market to shop for car insurance? Many car insurance policies exist. While we are not asking you to know all of them inside out, familiarize yourself with some common car insurance policies:

  • Comprehensive coverage: When your car isn’t on the road, it’s exposed to risks like fire, falling objects, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. This coverage compensates you when your car suffers damage or losses from non-collision risks.
  • Collision coverage: It covers damage to your car after colliding with another motorist or a stationary object.
  • Medical Payments (MedPay): This policy covers medical costs you and your passengers sustain in a car accident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: If you have been involved in a hit-and-run or an uninsured driver collides with you, this coverage pays for the uncovered expenses without going the long route of suing.

Ready to invest in car insurance in Evergreen, CO? Please contact Davidson Insurance Agency for a competitive quote.