Commercial Insurance in Colorado

When you start a business in Colorado, one of the leading financial decisions you have to make is buying commercial insurance. Business insurance provides an additional layer of protection if you encounter a loss. And as we all know, running a business comes with some risks. You will be protected against financial loss with the proper coverage, allowing your business to keep its doors open. At Davidson insurance Agency, we serve companies in Evergreen, CO, and the surrounding areas. Read on to find out what the coverage options for your business are.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you or your employee is driving the company car and gets into an accident, the policy will help cover the resulting property damage and medical bills. It is also mandatory for all vehicles, including company cars in Colorado, to be insured.

Commercial Property Insurance

This coverage helps protect any property you use to run your business from certain risks like fire, theft, and lightning. The covered property includes the building, furniture, equipment, inventory, and tools.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Once your business starts employing workers, it is wise to get workers’ compensation insurance. Suppose they get injured or become unwell from their job. In that case, the policy will cover their medical costs, provide disability benefits, replace the lost wages and give death benefits to their families if the injuries result in death.

Business Income Insurance Coverage?

If you encounter a covered loss and cannot operate, this coverage will help replace lost income until you resume normal business operations.

Data Breach Insurance

Cyber-attacks are becoming common by the day. If your business deals with sensitive and valuable data, get cyber insurance. The policy can help you respond to a hack or breach when your information gets stolen or lost.

If you run a business in the Evergreen, CO area and are interested in our coverage options, contact Davidson Insurance Agency. Our agents can help you decide what policy is most suitable for your business.