Renters Insurance in Colorado

If you don’t own a dwelling in Colorado, you may wonder whether you need any insurance. The reality is that you may not own any property. Still, you need renters’ insurance from Davidson Insurance Agency if you are a tenant in Evergreen, CO, or the surrounding area.

Why do I need renters’ insurance if my landlord has a policy?

Unfortunately, most renters don’t see the need for renters’ insurance because they think they are covered by landlord insurance. Unfortunately, while the landlord has insurance, this coverage covers the building and liabilities happening in common areas. Concerning the safety of your properties, that’s your headache, and that’s where renters’ insurance comes into play.

What does renters’ insurance cover?

While renters’ insurance isn’t mandatory in Colorado, some property owners may insist you invest in this coverage before leasing their property. But whether renters’ insurance is compulsory or not, every tenant should invest in this coverage because it covers you in the areas below:

  • Personal belongings protection: You may assume that you don’t own much, but you will think otherwise after taking a home inventory of your belongings. From the costly sofa to the exquisite paintings, you will discover that your assets are pretty valuable. Given this reality, you must invest in renters’ insurance to protect you when your belongings are lost or damaged.
  • Liability protection: You might not think of it, but liability insurance is one of the most essential insurance plans. Liability coverage protects you when you and your loved ones are accused of causing property damage or bodily injury to others. Besides, it covers the legal expenses when you are sued.
  • Loss of use: If a risk listed in your policy makes your home unlivable, renters insurance covers additional living expenses until your dwelling is repaired.

Looking for affordable renters’ insurance in Evergreen, CO? Please look no further than Davidson Insurance Agency. Contact us today, and we will give you a renters insurance policy that meets your budget and considerations.