Reasons Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover Food Delivery or Rideshare

Food delivery and rideshare companies don’t offer their drivers any insurance coverage. Most don’t even offer them a vehicle; why insure them? Food delivery is different in that food wouldn’t get hurt in an accident and involve the company in legal proceedings. 

Rideshare, on the other hand, involves people who get hurt in traffic accidents. The wise rideshare driver seeks out Davidson Insurance Agency in Evergreen, CO for rideshare insurance as well as commercial insurance for food delivery.

Why Doesn’t Auto Insurance Cover Food Delivery or Rideshare

Since the recent medical unpleasantness, the safe delivery of everything from people to food and medicines to building supplies has soared. This means risk, which means that pizza delivery and Lyft drivers have to pay extra for commercial insurance.

Why Don’t Companies Give Drivers Auto Insurance?

They do, but it only kicks in after the driver’s insurance has been maxed out. The snag to that is the driver is covered on the actual delivery but not while driving to the store to pick up the food. That gap is where the trouble lies. 

Another snag is that delivery driving covers a lot of territories:

    • Delivering filled prescriptions from a pharmacy

    • Delivering groceries or meals for the elderly or the homebound

    • Delivering packages from eBay or Amazon with, for instance, your personal vehicle

    • Delivering legal papers

    • Delivering people to doctors and hospitals using your personal vehicle

In these cases, does this still mean commercial auto insurance is needed? Yes, if the purpose of driving is business and not personal.

We Are Here To Help!

It can be sticky navigating delivery driving. Most drivers get around it by not using a company sign on the vehicle. Davidson Insurance Agency in Evergreen, CO will help you navigate auto insurance if you deliver anything, and we’ll do it painlessly. Drop by the office today or call to learn more about it.