Three situations where umbrella insurance coverage is essential

Some consumers don’t realize just how many scenarios they could face that make it essential to have umbrella insurance. At Davidson Insurance Agency, we offer umbrella insurance to consumers throughout Evergreen, CO.

Here are three situations where umbrella insurance coverage is essential.

You’re facing a lawsuit that your primary insurance policies can’t completely cover.

Expensive lawsuits can be financially devastating. Unfortunately, primary insurance policies don’t always offer enough coverage to pay for the costs of expensive lawsuits.

With umbrella insurance, you can be sure that you won’t have to pay out of pocket or dig into your savings to pay for lawsuit expenses. 

You are a property owner who rents out properties.

Umbrella insurance is especially good to have for landlords. Landlords could face lawsuits if accidents occur on their properties. Resulting lawsuit expenses could severely compromise the profitability of a rental property.

When you purchase umbrella insurance, you can ensure you’re protected against possible lawsuits you may face as a real estate investor. Umbrella insurance is an important type of insurance coverage that you should always have if you invest in rental properties. 

You’re worried about potential financial threats that could reduce your net worth and cause you to lose valuable assets.

One of the best benefits of umbrella insurance is that it offers peace of mind. Umbrella insurance prepares consumers for the financial uncertainties of the future.

If you invest in umbrella insurance, you get an extra layer of protection. Protect your assets and net worth by finding the right umbrella insurance coverage option for your needs. 

Get umbrella insurance from us at Davidson Insurance Agency. We offer you the coverage you need in Evergreen, CO. Call us for a quote!