Four problems you can avoid with home insurance

Home insurance is an important asset to any homeowner. At Davidson Insurance Agency, we insure homes in Evergreen, CO.

Carrying home insurance can save homeowners from a variety of problems.

The following are four problems you can avoid with home insurance:

Facing high liability expenses due to a lawsuit

Homeowners sometimes face lawsuits because of accidents that occur in their homes. These lawsuits can lead to high expenses. Fortunately, home insurance protects you against expenses that result from liability issues in your home. 

Being unable to get financing for a home purchase

Home insurance is a requirement for mortgage loans. Your lender won’t approve you for a mortgage unless you purchase insurance for the property that you have financed. 

Losing investments that you make in your home

Without insurance, you will have to pay out of pocket for repairs to your home. This puts the investments you make in your home at risk. When you have home insurance, your home can maintain its value without any expense for you when accidents occur that cause damage to your property. 

Having nowhere to stay if your home is uninhabitable

Damage to your home caused by an event like a fire or a plumbing emergency could make it so that you can’t stay in your home anymore. One of the best features of home insurance is that it can offer coverage for alternative living quarters while your home is being repaired. 

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